Central Heating

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Choosing central heating

With today’s technology, there are many different ways of heating your home – by far the best and most cost efficient is Gas Central Heating.

There are numerous types and styles of boilers, but now only one main system design for today’s home owner – The Sealed System.

This is generally made up of a combination boiler and radiators.

Central heating prices

Boiler changes

Central heating boilers have come a long way since the old style, large bulky cast iron models.

Most boilers now have all of the controls fitted within itself, i.e: Pump, Timeclock, Zone valve & Thermostats.

The most common siting of a boiler is in the kitchen. This is generally because most of the services the boiler requires are located there, i.e the Gas supply and the hot and cold water pipework.


Type of boiler

The type of boiler you require generally depends on what type of system you choose or what system you already have installed.

The location of your boiler can also dictate what type you can have. The main types are: Fan Flued & Open Flued, and can come as ‘Wall Mounted’ or ‘Floor Standing’ options.

Last but not least….. Price. This can differ from as little as £400 pounds up to as much as £2500 pounds for a domestic rated boiler.

Do not forget, as the old saying goes….


Our latest offer



5 x radiators complete with top grill and end panels

Wireless RF programmable room thermostat and thermostatic radiator valves

Fitted, working & guaranteed

Prices based on a typical 2 bedroom house

Subject to survey

Frequently asked questions

How much will it cost for Central Heating to be installed in my home?

The easiest answer is for you to give us a call and we will arrange to come and give you a free survey and quotation.