Power Flushing

Cleans the whole system & restores efficiency

Your system needs one

Old age symptoms

If your heating system is showing signs of old age or you have any of the following symptoms:

  • Some radiators completely or partially cold
  • System takes a long time to heat up
  • Radiators need frequent bleeding
  • Strange noises from the boiler
  • Repeated pump failures
  • Black water in radiators

How it helps

Power flushing your central heating system does the following:

  • Cures flow and circulation problems
  • Restores heat output to radiators
  • Cures or prevents boiler noise
  • Restores system efficiency
  • Prevents further corrosion
  • Cleans the whole system

If you have one or more of the listed symptoms, it is likely that your system has circulation and flow problems which can be solved with the Kamco Power flushing pump.

How it works

1. Connection
The Kamco power flushing pump is connected to the heating system. We then connect the powerful ‘MagnaClean Dual magnetic’ filter and add sludge removing chemicals. The powerful flow will dislodge and mobilise sludge deposits and corrosion which resist traditional system cleaning methods.

2. Individual

Using our ‘VibraClean’ radiator agitator, we will proceed to work on each radiator individually, in turn. This sends a vibrating pulse through the radiator, dislodging the sediment laying on the bottom of the radiator panel. Once the corrosion and sludge deposits have been loosened and mobilised, they are collected in the magnetic filter. Fresh clean water is then forced through the heating system, pushing the contaminated water out through a full bore dump valve to the drain.

3. Clearflow

During the CLEARFLOW process, all of the radiators will be individually flushed – without the need of removing or disconnecting them from the system – by directing the full output of the Kamco pump through each of the radiators separately. At the end of the flushing process, the system will  contain fresh, clean water to which we can then add an inhibitor. This will help to prevent any further corrosion and any further build up of sludge in the system.

Time taken

Power flushing and descaling is done in only one visit. The complete process is carried out in 3 – 7 hours, depending on your system size. This minimises boiler warranty problems.

We use the Uk’s most powerful professional power flushing pump made by Kamco – The CF90 Quantum 2.

Power flushing prices



For up to 7 radiators, with an additional
cost per additional radiator

Additional radiator:

£12.00 each



Up to 7 radiators + a Magnetic
system filter done at the same time as a powerflush

Additional radiator:

£12.00 each

Frequently asked questions

Can a Powerflush cause leaks?

Only if a fault already exists such as a corroded valve or radiator.

How long does it take?

Depending on your location, we normally arrive at your home between 8am and 8:30am – unless otherwise agreed. The complete process is normally completed in 3 to 7 hours depending on the size of your heating system.

Which Powerflush tools do we use?

A ‘MagnaClean’ Dual Professional Powerflushing filter
A ‘VibraClean’ precision-made radiator agitator
& Using the most appropriate chemicals